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Dynamic Quality Alignment

Clear Quality Definitions

Product quality comes from the constant coordination of multiple departments. With ZERO defects, key results become transparent for all parties involved.

Comfortable Change Management

The permanent management of conventional quality documents for production is time-consuming. With our cloud solution, this effort is significantly reduced.

Rapid Improvement Distribution

No need for cumbersome and error prone distribution of new quality documents. ZERO defects shares approved improvements with your organization in seconds, worldwide.

Interactive Work Instructions

Workers have to deal with many pages of instructions every shift. ZERO defects offers interactive instructions for better work experience and faster execution.

Integrated Dynamic Test Protocols

Creating traditional test protocols and recording measurements by hand takes a lot of time. Our cloud software generates test procedures for you and records all measurements automatically.

Directed Feedback Support

Employee feedback to improve processes is often lost in the day-to-day business today. With ZERO defects, feedback is recorded in context and directly passed on to the person responsible.

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Interactive Production Assistance

ZERO defects prozess for systematic gain of knowledge

Let's strive for a Zero Defects Production

ZERO defects is a company, a product and a philosophy at the same time to reach complete process protection in production.

Increased Profit

The concept of ZERO defects combined with modern technology results in holistic quality control across your complete product life cycle. So, your organization reduces waste and increases customer satisfaction.

Increased Production Ramp-Up Speed

Production is a complex choreography with a very small path between success and failure. ZERO defects rules out all possible sources of defects step-by-step. This pragmatic approach generates and records wisdom inside of your organization. This actionable wisdom accelerates future production ramp ups significantly.

Improved Quality Culture

ZERO defects strives for holistic quality control across your organization. Quality relevant wisdom from design to obsolescence management are propagated to all employees. This boosts cross-department collaboration and improves your organization’s overall performance.

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Systematic Validation

Model your products and processes to systematically eliminate all sources of error. Reuse validated models to reduce the risk during new production ramp ups.

Bulletprove Tracability

Record all important product parameters during production and trace components back to their smallest critical part. Even across company boundaries. This valuable database serves as proof, for continuous improvement and minimizes risks in case of recalls.

Interlocked Processes

Expand your validated processes across departments beyond production. Spread your knowledge about product quality throughout the company. In this way, you promote cross-departmental collaboration and avoid errors directly at the source.

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