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Cloud Based

ZERO defects comes with benefits like automatic software updates, improved collaboration, efficient scalability and world-class security.

Machine Learning

We generate valuable insights from process, product and sensor data to eliminate defects before they occure.

IOTA Tangle

A true "Digital Proof of Quality" (DPQ) relies on tamper proof and scaleable distributed ledger technology like IOTA.

Industrial IoT Connected

We utilize data from production machines on the shop floor. These data offer crucial information to run a ZERO defects production efficiently.

Microservice Architecture

Microservices allow us to have more team autonomy, minimize time for fault isolations and help to independently scale parts of ZERO defects.

Open APIs

ZERO defects is build for fast and flexible integration. We are open to utilize data from existing systems and like to pass on our valuable results to your external endpoints.

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